Be an ally!

Be an ally!

While we are a registered non-profit (501c3), we are not a dues-paying membership organization. We depend on our allies worldwide for our operations and for the development of innovative training and credentialing programs that help our social work/human services workforce. We value your and/or your instititutions participation!!

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Academic Allies – Shaping the Future Together
Universities and Colleges are pivotal in cultivating the next generation of social work leaders. By partnering with NSWM, your academic institution can actively participate in various events as distinguished speakers, exhibitors, and valued sponsors. Your collaboration helps fortify the bridge between current educational pursuits and future professional excellence. Participating in our Graduate Human Services Manager Certification Program benefit your students from our rich network of knowledge exchange. Your institution's involvement powers our collective mission to refine leadership within social work's dynamic landscape.

Professional Allies – Enhance Your Leadership Journey
Social Workers & Human Services workers who serve in key roles such as leaders, managers, and directors, or those aspiring to step into such vital macro roles, can elevate their careers through our comprehensive learning programs. Join NSWM to gain access to cutting-edge leadership development that will set you apart in the field of social work. CE's are provided as appropriate.

Students – Lead the Charge in Social Work
BSW, MSW, DSW, or Ph.D. students, you have a vibrant future in social work leadership. Engage with NSWM's Graduate Human Services Manager Certification through your program or immerse yourself in leadership development tailored to enhance your education and set a strong foundation for a successful career in social work.

Donors – Invest in Transformative Leadership
Organizations, board members, social workers, or stakeholders – your support as a donor to NSWM aligns with our mutual goals of uplifting social workers' roles in leadership positions. Your contributions are vital in sustaining the momentum of change and progress in our communities, society, and globally. We welcome purpose-driven individuals and agencies that support our communities, corporations who have a strong CSR program, benefit corporations that balance profit with stakeholder supports, and companies big and small who believe in strong leaders heading non-profit and human/social service organizations.

Sponsors & Vendors – Your Services, Our Growth
Academic Programs and Companies providing essential services to NSWM, whether through exhibiting at our conferences or sponsoring our initiatives, play a crucial role in the advancement of our organization. Your support and solutions serve as building blocks for our sustained development and outreach.

Certified Social Work Manager™ (CSWM) – A Mark of Distinction
Social workers achieving the CSWM certification demonstrate a commitment to excellence. By participating in our professional development programs, you exemplify the dedication essential to driving forward the best practices and highest standards in social work leadership & management needed for a diverse, vibrant, global community.