Certified Social Work Manager (CSWM)

Certified Social Work Manager™

The Network for Social Work Management (NSWM) is committed to advancing the field of social work management by providing resources, support, and professional development opportunities for social work managers. Recognizing the critical role that social work managers play in leading and shaping social services, NSWM is re-introducing the "Certified Social Work Manager™" (CSWM™) credential. This credential aims to elevate the standards of social work management, enhance professional development, and provide a recognized marker of expertise in the field.

The CSWM™ credential is a mark of excellence for social work managers who have demonstrated the highest levels of competence and dedication to the profession. By earning the CSWM™ credential, you will demonstrate your commitment to advancing your leadership skills and knowledge, as well as your ability to effectively manage the complex challenges facing social work/human service organizations today.

To earn the CSWM™ credential, candidates must meet rigorous eligibility requirements, including a combination of education, experience, and professional development. Once certified, CSWM™ holders must adhere to the NASW code of ethics and engage in ongoing professional development to maintain their credential.

As a CSWM™ holder, you will join a prestigious community of social work leaders who are shaping the future of the profession. You will have access to exclusive networking opportunities, professional resources, and career advancement support.

Whether you are a seasoned social work manager or aspiring to leadership roles, the CSWM™ credential will distinguish you as a leader in the field and empower you to make a positive impact on individuals, families, and communities. Apply for the CSWM credential today and take the next step in your social work management career.

Importance of Credentialing for Social Work Workforce Development

Professionalization of Social Work Management/Leadership:

  • The CSWM credential will contribute to the professionalization of social work management by establishing a standardized set of competencies and skills necessary for effective leadership in the field.
  • It will serve as a mark of distinction, indicating that an individual has met specific criteria and demonstrated proficiency in the core areas of social work management.

Quality Assurance:

  • Credentialing ensures a level of quality and consistency in the skills and knowledge possessed by social work managers. This, in turn, assures employers, clients, and stakeholders that certified individuals have met rigorous standards.
  • Employers can have confidence in the capabilities of certified social work managers, leading to improved service delivery and organizational outcomes.

Career Advancement and Recognition:

  • The CSWM credential will provide social work managers with a clear pathway for career advancement. Certification can be a key factor in decisions related to promotions, salary increases, and leadership opportunities.
  • Certified professionals are likely to receive increased recognition from peers, employers, and the broader community for their commitment to excellence in social work management.

Standardization of Competencies:

  • The CSWM credential will establish a standardized set of competencies, ensuring that social work managers across different organizations and settings possess a common foundation of skills.
  • This standardization facilitates collaboration, information sharing, and the creation of a cohesive professional community.

Continual Professional Development:

  • Maintaining the CSWM credential will require ongoing professional development, encouraging social work managers to stay current with best practices, emerging trends, and ethical considerations in the field.
  • This commitment to continuous learning will contribute to a dynamic and adaptive workforce, better equipped to address the evolving challenges in social work management.

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Application deadline for the inaugural cohort

August 15, 2024

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