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Graduate Human Services Certificate

NSWM's Human Services Management Certificate is an added credential for your MSW/DSW students who are focusing on Macro Social Work / Advance Generalist / Leadership & Administration. While the Master of Social Work degree and its macro curriculum prepares students for fulfilling administrative and leadership roles; students need to critically assess their own skills and professional development strategies to advance their careers after graduation. The Human Services Management Certificate is a guide to help students launch their careers in management and develop their leadership skills.  

The Human Services Management Certificate is a nationally recognized certificate and a powerful endorsement by The Network for Social Work Management. MSW students will learn to use the list of competencies outlined by the Network as a framework for presenting their macro social work education, skills, and specialty areas across multiple traditional and non-traditional industries. Students will be able to articulate and call upon coursework, practicum, and extracurricular work to apply the competencies and strengthen their ability to demonstrate value to prospective employers.  

Please connect with us to learn more about the process of mapping your program’s existing MSW curriculum to NSWM’s competencies and the costs associated with the issuance of digital certificates by Accredible® to your students that they can add to their learning portfolio and utilize the same for personal branding using social media.

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